Il Grappolo D’oro is a company that offers exclusive services related to all agricultural activities in the Veneto region. The company offers high quality personnel and activities through a serious and professional selection!

Company request

If you are looking for experienced, motivated and reliable people for your agricultural and viticultural work, you can turn to our employee selection services, who provided with specific certificates for the required roles.

Work with us

We are always looking for qualified and willing personnel. Contact us and apply for activities and agricultural work in the Veneto region. We collaborate with prestigious farms and wineries.


During agricultural activities, our support in many activities is high, mainly during the grape harvest but also with services of agricultural land preparation, or in the cleaning and maintenance of agricultural tools. Click to learn more…

What we do

In the vicinity of any agricultural activity or grape harvest, many companies in the sector need staff. Our job is to select qualified personnel best suited to the company’s needs through procurement contracts..

Jobs and vacancies

Discover the job offers in the agricultural sector: Each application is aimed at people between the age of 18 and 40 years old. Positions are available for every sector: day labourers, forklift drivers, tractor drivers, operators for equipment in the management of vineyards and agricultural land.

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Are you looking for work in agriculture and wine?

The Grappolo D’Oro hires seasonal staff for various tasks throughout the Veneto region. Contact us now and register on our website!