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Il Grappolo d’Oro is always active in the search for qualified and willing personnel. Contact us with your application to work in the agricultural sector throughout the Veneto region. We work with prestigious farms and wineries to provide personnel and contracts suitable for different needs.

What we do

During the many agricultural activities, such as the grape harvest, we are a point of reference for companies that need staff for various tasks.
We provide qualified personnel through procurement contracts for different needs required by companies.


Our staff takes care of all the land work and grape harvests, with activities conducted in safety ranging from pruning, row cleaning, greenery care, soil preparation, harvesting of agricultural products, grapes and bottling. We also have qualified operators for forklift and tractor handling services.

Il Grappolo D’oro is a company that offers exclusive services related to all agricultural activities in the Veneto region. Active from its headquarters in Zevio in the province of Verona, the company offers quality and safety oriented agricultural services through the search for qualified and willing agricultural personnel. Seriousness and professionalism are always our priorities at the Grappolo d’Oro!
We hire qualified personnel for external companies and collaborate with prestigious wineries, offering services through procurement contracts and subcontracting.

Our goal is to select serious and experienced personnel in the agricultural sector able to meet the needs of companies:

1. search for personnel for external companies
2. search for direct personnel – agricultural workers.

After several years of experience in the wine sector, the company also offers professional services for various agricultural activities, including pruning, row cleaning, grass mowing, topping, leaf removal, land preparation and harvesting of agricultural products. For grape harvesting, we provide services of grape collection in crates, pallet handling in the drying warehouse for crushing, bottling and label control and washing drying crates. Both in agricultural activities and in the wine sector, we also provide personnel for the use of forklifts and tractors.
Each Grappolo d’Oro employee is provided with specific certificates for the required roles, and a medical examination with an updated fitness assessment.