What We do

agricoltural labour specialists

Research and recruitment for farms
We have been present in the Veneto region for years, given our headquarters in Zevio (Verona). We know that in the vicinity of the harvesting countryside, as well as for other agricultural work, many farms need personnel.

Il Grappolo D’Oro, first of all, assesses on the basis of the contract concluded how many people can serve the company. Consequently, on the basis of the existing contract, the specific personnel of the sector will be chosen on procurement contract.

All these cases are evaluated and activated, always in compliance with current regulations in the field of agricultural work.

The Grappolo D’Oro takes serious and efficient care of hiring qualified personnel for the specific request of the contracts that we are going to stipulate.

The many years of experience in the wine sector, make us able to provide high-profile, professional and safe services regarding the exercise of all these agricultural activities:

  • pruning
  • wire-cutting and wire cleaning
  • mowing grass and green care (organic changes)
  • topping
  • leaf removal
  • land preparation
  • grape harvesting in crates
  • handling pallets in the withering warehouse for crushing
  • bottling and label control
  • washing of withering cisterns
  • land preparation
  • services using forklifts and tractors
  • harvesting agricultural products.